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This week James and Courtney interview Joseph Scozzari from 6ManSports Podcast.

Joseph Scozzari, the co-host of 6ManSports, joined us at TCU HQ to share his story. 6ManSports started with the help of his friend Michael as a project that eventually became Joseph passion. 

A former football player turned youth football coach; Joseph talks about earning respect at a young age and how that as translated into his professional life. He talks about the lessons he learned playing football and how that's translated into his success podcasting. 

Joseph talks about a blown play by Joey Porter of the Pittsburg Steelers versus New England Patriots that would’ve have sent the Steelers to the Super Bowl, and you get the feeling that he’s passionate about sports. We got to test his passion by asking him about stats and how they have impacted conversations about certain players like Lebron James and Tony Romo. Joseph explained that context is critical when discussing stats. 

On his show, 6ManSports, he likes to tell a story using the stats. The number one rule is what are the stats saying. Stats don’t help anyone when there is no context.

Joseph took us into his process for preparing for a show. Preparing an itinerary, creating the topic headline, and preparing responses to transition questions. The 6ManSports host talked about his research techniques and how he streamlines his fact-finding process.

Listen to this episode to find out who’s greatest Quarterback of all time Peyton Manning or Tom Brady

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