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This week James and Courtney interview @apolloplease about his entrepreneurship journey.

Apollo joins us at TCU headquarters to discuss his career path as an up and coming radio personality.

Listen to this episode to learn about Apollo’s approach to filling his toolbox with skills to prepare him for his dream career.

A natural to conversing Apollo shared with us his story from Brampton to Vancouver. Finding his passion for music and radio, and returning back home. We asked Apollo about overcoming obstacles while pursuing a career in the radio industry.  He talked about working on his skills before getting the opportunity to get on the air.

Apollo shared some advice

I don’t think I have accomplished the amount of success that I want to… But I have checked some goals off my list of things. Some actionable steps that I would suggest to anyone who is looking to do what I am doing

6 Tips by Apollo P
1. You have to live life as if there are no obstacles
2. If you are going to do something, do it right… don’t find shortcuts, don’t half-ass anything. Commit to the damn thing! 
3. Once you start something, see it all the way through… envision something and see through with your action and time, but also mentally envision yourself at the finish line. (Have a checklist to keep track your success) 
4. Concentrate your energy on one thing and focus on that one thing… doing too much will make that slip away from your goal. 
5. Invest in yourself so you know it’s real. If you aren’t willing to go broke on yourself don’t expect anyone else to. 
6. Look towards complete strangers as your way to success… your friends are your friends, but they are not your way out. “

We also discuss other major tips for success that Apollo used to create opportunities for himself such as: 
Filling his toolbox with skills. 
Learning to concentrate one ultimate goal. 
Laying groundwork and building an audience. 
Finding your own voice and filling a void in the market.

Listen to this episode to learn about Apollo’s superpower.

Connect with Apollo
Instagram: @apolloplease 
Youtube: ApolloForThePeople 
Live Radio: VIBE 105.5 @ 6 pm


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