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James and Courtney talk about how to create a podcast.


Bonus Content - TCU Podcast Starter Checklist

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Comment of the Week

This episode was really helpful. It reinforced some things that I'm already doing and gave me a few more tips to try. For me, sometimes clearing my workspace means leaving spaces entirely and finding new ones entirely -- if I have only the tools I need for my task, I have nothing else to pull my attention (including well-intentioned family/friends.) Love listening to you guys right before getting into work help me get focused! - @Just_juanita



James and Courtney talk about creating the TCU podcast. We share our inspiration for starting a podcast. We talk about the podcasts we are currently listening to like The Art of Charm and Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn. We talk about the pain-points and share lessons we’ve learned while producing The Come Up Podcast. Listen to this episode to learn about how James and Courtney started their own podcast and how you can start yours for free. 

3 steps by Courtney Stephen

  1. Plan your attack
  2. 10x your launch
  3. Learn your level

3 steps by James Lawson

  1. Choose a topic you love
  2. Start Simple - Choose the free option
  3. Listen on multiple systems


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The Art of Charm
Finding Mastery
The Gary Vee Audio Experience
Smart Passive Income
Vigor Life Podcast
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