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James and Courtney talk about how to eliminate distractions.

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“This was AWESOME! I am sure I will listen to it again. I am definitely going to work on being my own best friend. So Simple... but something I need to work on. Thank you for the inspiration” - @funkemama17


Distractions can be people, places, or things. We all have goals, aspirations, priorities and daily tasks, and every day we are bombarded with distractions that keep us from accomplishing our objectives. James and Courtney talk about practices that can be used to eliminate distractions in meetings, tools that can help you unplug from devices, and personal tricks they use to stay focused. Listen to this episode so you can find out how to eliminate distractions and get more done.

3 Steps by James Lawson

  • Make your goals visible
  • Say No
  • Track your progress

3 Steps by Courtney Stephen

  • Get your rest
  • Clear your workspace
  • Listen to instrumentals





Book: The ONE Thing - Gary Keller

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