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James and Courtney talk about how to create a website.

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A website is a digital storefront that allows you to showcase your brand. People usually see your website before they get the chance to meet you in person. In our increasingly digital world, it is important to have a website whether you are a hobbyist, marketing a brand, capturing leads, or selling a product. Courtney and James talk about how to create a website by determining the purpose, getting a domain name, and designing your website. Listen to this episode to hear about some of the internet tools you can use to create a website.


Website Building Platforms



Domain Registration




3 Steps by James Lawson

  • Brand your page
  • Simple design
  • Showcase your value

3 Steps by Courtney Stephen

  • Outline your offer
  • Optimize for mobile
  • Funnel your social media traffic to your website

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