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Personal Development Podcast

Valuable Lessons, Motivational Keynotes & Conversations with Leaders

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New to TCU

Ep. 28 - The Origin Story (By The Hosts)

Find out about the men behind the mics. This is the prequel to The Come Up. The unofficial episode 000.

s2 Ep. 1 - Evolution 

One year later and we're still at it. Here is what you can expect this time around... More Everything.

TCU Top Episodes

Career Ambitions

Ep. 21 - Realize Your Potential (Tobi Aji)

Tobi shares with us his upbringing and the first song that inspired him to take writing seriously. We talk about his decision to chase his dreams and not continue down the path his parents picked for him. 

ep. 19 The Brand Building entrepreneur (Mr. KOA)

Craige Ryan Malcolm-Campbell, also known as Mr.KOA discusses the origin story of his brand King of Arts. Ryan revisits his transition from a college athlete, to Instagram artist, to entrepreneur. 

ep. 22 - Leverage Your Personality (Apollo P.)

We asked Apollo about overcoming obstacles while pursuing a career in the radio industry.  He talked about working on his skills before getting the opportunity to get on the air.


Ep. 33: The 20 Million Dollar Millennial (Daniel Guaragna)

Listen to this episode to learn how this college drop out went from being the youngest medical sales representative in North America to amassing over $20M of corporate sales during his very short career.

Ep. 26 - Building an empire (Robert T. Bethel)

Courtney interviews author Robert Thomas Bethel about the life changing success strategies from his book "Strengthen Your Business: Fail-Proof Strategies From The Man Who Has Rescued 77 Businesses."

Ep. 31 - Military Precision (Chris Hallberg)

Courtney interviews Chris Hallberg, Author of “The Business Sergeant’s Field Manual”. Chris shares the best strategies, tools, and lessons that he learned during his time in the military and working in law enforcement.

Wellness & Mental Health

Ep. 30 Dose Performance (David Ogle)

Courtney and David dive into the world of cognitive science as David describes a simple formula for distilling your genius and finding insight.

Ep. 24: Mindfulness: Overcoming Anxiety (Madeleine Eames)

An expert in mental health, Madeleine teaches us what anxiety is, how to identify the symptoms and when to seek help.

Ep. 14 The Legacy Entrepreneur (Vince Luciani)

Vince Luciani, the Legacy Coach, came to the TCU headquarters to talk about finding his identity and how he's using it to help others find theirs.